Platters Catering Adelaide Finger Food

Budget Finger Food Platters Adelaide

5 Platters for $690 including gst

Need even more food ? Double it and get two platter deals $1380 including gst.

platters catering

All food is cooked fresh on-site and served to a smorgasbord table on alfoil containers for your guests to help themselves.
Each platter is cooked one or two at a time not all at the same time.


The Menu Includes:

Platters Catering
Cooked On-Site
100 White Cocktail Napkins
Food Served To Smorgasbord Table

Pick 5 Platters From The List Below


80 Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls
sweet & sour sauce
80 Mini Vegetable Samosas
sweet & sour sauce
1 x Potato Wedge Platters
sweet chilli & sour cream
50 Mini Chicken  Satay Sticks
sweet chilli sauce
50 Mini Beef Satay Sticks
sweet chilli sauce
50 Mini Plain Chicken Sticks
tender breast
1 x Hot Chips Platters
tomato sauce
50 Bite-Size Fish Pieces
lightly battered & tartar sauce
50 Meat Balls
napolitana sauce
50 Cold Cocktail Prawns
tartar sauce

$90 for 1 extra platter choice (max one extra for that price)

We can add a waiter to serve the food to your guests for an extra charge.

Catering Platter Extras

$115 – Vegetarian Antipasto Platter (20 serves)
$36 – 15 Frittata Potato & Zucchini (gluten-free vegetarian)
$36 – 15 Chicken Drummettes with Mayo Sauce
$105 – 30 Chicken Nuggets & 2kg Hot Chips
Gluten-Free / Vegan Platters / Cooked At Start Of Event
Prices are subject to change
Nov 2019 Menu

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